Small Steps

I still haven’t decided how often I plan to post. It will probably come down to what’s going on with work, school, and how I am feeling. Today started off well. I made us delicious triple berry smoothies for breakfast. Dinner was a salad with lots of avocado and cucumber. I also had an apple. I needed to keep it simple. Between breakfast and dinner was a bit sketchy. I still have some no-no foods left (such as oatmeal and meals that I made and then froze as time savers); therefore, I am trying to finish off some of these dishes too. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of perfectly viable food and unfortunately my husband doesn’t like most of it. The rest of the no-no foods should be gone by the end of this week. I am, however, being mindful of these and taking small steps towards my diet overhaul. I guess I should have just said this was my plan the entire time. 😉

In addition to grocery shopping and stocking up on some Hoshimoto-friendly foods, I have also been researching fermenting foods. My older sister and her husband first introduced me to this idea last May while I was visiting her. Their fermented foods were delicious; we would put just a little bit on a salad. My sister has recommended some options for me and I will let you know once I finally get to fermenting my own foods….including pictures. By fermenting foods, I will grow all that good bacteria that our guts and digestive tracts so badly need. Buying yogurt and probiotic pills are great, but a lot of these aren’t always strong enough to withstand the acids found in our stomachs; thus, they don’t give us the full benefits we need. Back in “the day” people used to store vegetables in such a way that they had lots of healthy probiotics in them. Unfortunately, most of us get our “stored” vegetables via canned and frozen foods; the healthy bacteria ends up dying. Let’s stop killing the healthy bacteria!

Unfortunately, I had a migraine today, but we still managed to exercise. We did some Insanity and walked the dogs. I love walking our dogs…we talk a lot and they are so happy the entire time—and then tired afterward. With all that being said, I am off to bed. Rest is a crucial part of being healthy and happy! Sorry it’s been an uneventful post. I just want to give a quick update on how things are starting off!


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