Emotional well-being is a pivotal part of being a healthy individual. Today I stayed after school and listened to a student unload her thoughts and feelings about an important decision she was facing. It was a good reminder that we can learn when we are open to the thoughts and feelings of others. She was very authentic and it was a good reminder that being authentic is important, especially in relationship with other people.

With that being said, I have some unloading I need to do. If you don’t want to hear it, I understand and won’t be offended if you stop reading now. Here goes: I’m tired of people asking me about when Ryan and I plan to have children. I’m not sure of how and when this very personal decision became a socially acceptable form of conversation, but I wish it wasn’t. My students ask me about it on a daily basis. I am more patient and understanding of their inquiries….and usually just laugh it off. I wish people would be cognitive of what they are doing when they question a woman about having children. Whether it’s by choice or there are extenuating circumstances that keep her from having children, it becomes hurtful. It becomes isolating, especially as more and more individuals around that woman become pregnant and eventually have children. That woman often finds herself feeling like she has lost something. A loss of friendships due to this normal life stage as families with children bond over their children while those without feel as though they have nothing to contribute, a loss of dignity from having her choices and/or reproductive abilities questioned, and a loss of a support system because she feels silly airing out her concerns about work or her sick dogs when others around her are taking care of another human being. I must give a shot out to my sister Debbie and my friend Cindy. A couple of weeks ago they allowed me to express these feelings….and did not judge me. They have never questioned me about having children and I appreciate it so very much. Thank you ladies!

It felt good to get that off my chest. It’s just a small glimpse in to what I have been feeling lately, but it was important for me to share it. I don’t say it for people to pity me, but instead for me to be authentic….so that I can be emotionally healthy. I’ve always struggled with authenticity so this post causes me to feel very vulnerable and exposed…..

On a different note, I ordered my food fermenting tonight. I’ve never been so excited about bacteria in my life!


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