What’s for Breakfast?

I’ve been continuing my research on this new, special diet. Unfortunately, I haven’t done well with it….primarily because I am still trying to figure out recipes and options. It’s a process. One of the biggest adjustments has been breakfast. I typically eat Greek yogurt and either oatmeal or granola for breakfast. It’s fast, simple, and something I can usually eat at work. Last week I tried out a variety of meal replacement options for breakfast. I need something dairy, egg, and gluten free. So, I headed to our local Whole Foods store and found the following options:


Raw Meal

Raw Fit

Plant Fusion (Vanilla bean)

Plant Fusion (Unflavored)

Plant Fusion (Chocolate Raspberry)

I made smoothies each morning with almond milk, flax seed, mixed berries, and one of the above protein packet mix-ins. Honestly, I wasn’t too crazy about any of them. The Plant Fusion brand (all flavors) tasted like….well, plants. The Raw Fit brand kept me full, but is a little pricey. The Raw Meal was my least favorite. In fact, I nearly lost my breakfast just because of the flavor. I would not recommend Raw Meal; this one has a lot of great vitamins and minerals, but I couldn’t get past the flavor. I ended up deciding to buy more of the unflavored Plant Fusion. The website has many different recipe options and it’s packed with lots of nutrition. I probably won’t have one of these smoothies every day for breakfast, but will be nice to have the option in case I am running late or want something lighter (which I often do because I am not a huge breakfast eater). 

Besides working on figuring out breakfast options, my fermenting tools also arrived in the mail:

Check back for more information on how the food fermentation is going. For now, I am trying my hand at onions and cucumbers. I wanted something simple that I could put on salads. In addition to breakfast and fermenting foods, I also went to the local public library and checked out some books about autoimmune disorders and treating them with diet changes. I’ll update more about what I find out once I am a little further in the books. In the meantime, if anyone has questions or ideas for me, please throw them my way! I am looking forward to learning more from those who have been traveling down this road longer than me. 



One thought on “What’s for Breakfast?”

  1. I got caught up on all your posts (I missed one or two), I really appreciate how you broke some things down, I understand stuff a little better. I’m really interested in how your fermenting adventures go. Please keep me posted on that as I am dabbling in fermenting too :). I’m on my second batch of cabbage, wasn’t fully satisfied with it the first time. This batch I used a slicer to shred for uniformity & I’m using purple & green cabbage. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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