Hey friends! I hope you all are doing well. So…….confession time. My diet overhaul is not going well. I am really struggling. I am trying to find delicious recipes that don’t take long, are delicious, and that Ryan will enjoy as well. My goal is to start eating raw, unprocessed foods. It’s been difficult and that’s one of the reasons why I have been so quiet on this blog. Working with high school students is difficult….they are always eating and the food always looks delicious! I checked out a couple of great books from the local library, but have not read them yet. I am hoping to get started on that now since my spring semester was rather short (I took class that were 8 weeks long rather than 16 weeks). Once I finish reading them I will give you more details!

I tried fermenting some onions a couple of weeks ago. I know that fermented onions probably sound strange, but I wanted something easy and that I could put on a salad. The onions tasted weird. I’ve had fermented food before, but I cannot remember its taste.I’m not sure if I messed up something in the fermenting process or if I am just struggling with the taste…..and smell. My sister, Debbie, recently fermented some cabbage and gave me a jar. I must say, it’s rather delicious….and pretty (it’s a purplish-pink color). I tried to put a picture of it on here, but it’s not working. I’m going to enjoy my fermented cabbage (aka sauerkraut) while I work on my own fermenting skills. I’ll keep you all updated. If you have any suggestions, please share them with me!

Ryan’s co-worker turned us on to this website for gluten free resources in the Lexington area: If you are in Lexington, check it out! In addition, I just want to remind people that many gluten free foods are process; therefore, be mindful of this if you are trying to live a processed-food free life (which we all should do…..I know, easier said than done). Check out this video: This woman’s story is very encouraging. She looks great, but she also feels great! I want to look and feel great….who’s with me?!

Although this is unrelated to this blog, I am very excited about the fact that my husband and I have started fostering dogs. It has been wonderful. I love being able to help animals and humans; fostering is a bit of both, especially when you see someone adopt a dog that puts a huge smile on that individual’s face. It’s really helped me through some discouraging times lately. 

If any of you have any suggestions on how to help me in this journey, please let me know. I am open to suggestions, recipes and much more. 


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