That Sweet Stuff

I need to admit something, I LOVE sugar. A LOT. Recently I have really been trying to get this under control. I’ve been very fatigued lately and my thyroid levels have a lot to do with this. The more exhausted I feel the more sugar I crave. Plus, I’m just plain addicted. If you are anything like me, it’s time to consider giving up sugar. It is easy? No. But it is worth it and you can do it. Here are some tips!

  1. Say it with me, “I’m a sugaraholic”

If you get cranky when you don’t have it then it’s a good sign you have an addiction to it. I have cravings for sugar in the morning, afternoon, and evening. My body just can’t seem to get enough of it. The more sugar we eat the more our bodies want it.

  1. Set Clear Goals

Sugar can be found everywhere; therefore, you need to set clear goals about what you will or will not be eating. This keeps you away from temptation and helps you stick to your goals. Juices are loaded with sugar. Certain cereals are loaded with sugar….it’s not just in cookies and cakes. Make sure you know what you plan to cut out of your diet.

  1. Clean Your House

If it’s in your house then it is a potential temptation. Just get it out of the house. Replace sugar with healthy fruits and snack options. I love eating almonds with a little bit of dark chocolate. Chocolate is a sweet, but this is one treat I allow myself to have so that I do not go crazy and end up eating everything in sight. It works for me. It’s still sugar, but it makes it more manageable.

  1. Give it 2 to 3 Weeks

You have to detox from it. It probably won’t be pretty and you may feel like crap, but once you get over the hump you will feel great. Give it time and be strong. Ask for support from friends and family.

  1. Turn to Water and Fruit

Drinking water is just a good rule of thumb in general. When you are having a craving, try drinking 16-24 ounces of water. If you are still struggling with the craving then try to go for a walk or eat a piece of fruit. I hate it when people suggest these tips because fruit doesn’t taste as good a big donut or chocolate chip cookie, but it is the healthier option.

  1. Just Say No to Sugar Replacements

Some people have come to believe that sugar substitutes are healthy, but this is not the case. In reality, your body feels deprived because it has been given real sugar. Just stay away from them. They are no bueno.

  1. Gather a Support System

Life is easier with the support and love of those closest to us. Don’t be afraid to ask for those to love to hold you accountable. When you find yourself struggling with a sugar craving know who you can turn to for support.

Are you trying to cut sugar out of your diet? Trying to eat healthier? I am too! We can do it together.


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