Goal Setting

Hey friends. Something I try to do with my students on a regular basis is set goals. I ask them to think about something they want to accomplish that week and then think of something they want to accomplish more long term (usually in that 9 week grading period). It’s my way of trying to get them to think about their potential and what they can achieve. We then review of the goals later and adjust them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing this as regularly as I would like. With testing coming up the students are learning a lot of material and they’ve had a lot of homework lately; therefore, I’ve spent more time assisting them with their homework and re-teaching information that may have confused them. But thinking about this goal setting has reminded me of the important of setting goals for myself. I have spent so much time focusing on completing my Masters of Arts in Teaching, KTIP (Kentucky Teacher Internship Project), and learning as a first year special education teacher that I have not set personal goals for myself. Tonight I thought about my passions and what I wish to accomplish. Here are the goals that I have set for myself:

-Run two 5Ks in May

-Train for and run another half marathon this summer

-Train for and run another full marathon this fall

-Research and then work towards becoming a group fitness instructor on a very part-time basis

-Continue working out at 5am and working towards becoming toner and leaner (healthy)

-Assist others with being as healthy as possible (post at least once a day on social media about exercise and nutrition to get people engaged and thinking about how they can be as healthy as possible)

-Memorize at least one scripture verse each week

-Pray and read my Bible daily

These are basic and still in the beginning stages. In the next few days I will work on making them more specific and measurable. This, however, is a good started. So, what are your goals? What do you wish to accomplish? Sit down and really think about it…..and then write it down! Let’s work towards our goals together.


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